Product details

product details

Profile Top is a SaaS Based Portfolio Builder CMS. You can make a package Free or Premium. In this software, users can do free registration, buy or enroll package and add their own portfolio. They will also have advanced QR code builder to build customized QR Code. Admin or the website owner can earn money easily creating packages for the users.

This system was made using the popular Laravel php framework. Strong security was maintained during the development and there is no sql injection, xss attack, csrf attack possible.

Key Features

  • Laravel 8 is used as language
  • Bootstrap 4.5 is used in design
  • User friendly codes and easy to navigate
  • Eye-catching and fully responsive design
  • Strong security of codes
  • Search user by designation, skill or custom name
  • Subscription verify with email
  • Membership system
  • RTL Supported

Admin Features

  • SEO Settings for all pages
  • SMTP server mail
  • Payment setting for PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, Flutterwave, Mollie, Paystack, Instamojo and Bank
  • Email configuration and template setting
  • Cookie Consent option
  • Google Recaptcha option
  • Google Analytic option
  • Tawk Live Chat option
  • Manage HTTP request Error Page
  • Dynamic Pagination option
  • Multi admin creation possible
  • All Banner images change option

User Features

  • Login with facebook and google
  • User registration system with email verification
  • User Login, forget and reset password option
  • Profile information, photo, password change option
  • Purchase Package and payment with stripe, paypal and bank
  • See orders and details.
  • Advanced QR Code Builder

June 26,2023 at 02:50 AM

From its flawless functionality to its striking aesthetics, this product is a testament to the seamless union of form and purpose. It's a joy to use and behold.

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