Product details

product details

TopCommerce – Multivendor eCommerce Flutter App is a powerful Flutter app kit. TopCommerce – Multivendor eCommerce Flutter App comes with modern App Design and keep the thoughts of User Experience in mind. This is best suite for the business who are dealing with eCoomerce, grocery, electronics shop, online shop, online delivery, order, multivendor, single vendor online businesses.

TopCommerce – Multivendor eCommerce Flutter App is exclusively made for food, grocery shop & eCommerce industries. It has a modern, clean, and very detailed UI design for iOS and Android apps. You can easily customize the screens, allowing for great flexibility and ease of use when it comes to putting the finishing touch on your project.

TopCommerce – Multivendor eCommerce Flutter App:

  • 45+ High Quality Screens
  • Modern Design
  • Completely Customizable
  • Clean Code and a well-structured project
  • Cross Platform Compatible
  • For Android and IOS
  • 60 FPS Support for both Android & iOS
  • Fully responsive UI
  • Smooth Transition
  • Easy to integrate into your project
  • Well Documented
  • Dedicated Support

TopCommerce – Multivendor eCommerce Flutter App Screen Details / Included List:

  • Onboarding 01
  • Onboarding 02
  • Onboarding 03
  • login
  • Creat account 01
  • Creat account 02
  • Email Verify
  • Location 01
  • Location 02
  • Location confirmation 03
  • Forget password 01
  • Forget password 02
  • Forget password 03
  • Home

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